The History of Farm Sheds

The History of Farm Sheds

As well as providing basic food and clothing needs for the general population, farming in Australia also contributes greatly to the Australian economy by way of exporting, and will continue to do so well into the future.

There have been significant advances in farming from its early beginnings to the mammoth industry it is today. Such changes over the years have included methods of farming, the role of the farmer, and farming equipment, sheds and storage solutions.

Farming structures used for storage, and to protect farm animals, have been around almost as long as farming itself.

Farm structures, including sheds, barns, machinery sheds, animal shelters and storage sheds have also come a long way over time. Originally simple structures, usually made from wood, earth and stone, were used for storing produce and livestock, but today designs can be much more complex, durable and diverse in their uses.

Farm sheds are often built with a specific purpose in mind, such as for a particular animal (horses, cows, chickens, sheep etc) or for food, machinery or equipment storage. Farms will more often than not have a number of different structures for different purposes. It’s also not uncommon for farm sheds these days to be designed with large open spaces with various uses in mind, such as storage, feeding purposes, and workshop purposes.

Machinery sheds are often required to be quite substantial in size, with ample space for storing large equipment. Storage capabilities can also be made in a range of materials including timber, steel, aluminium, concrete, and even strong plastics such as PVC.

Farms sheds can also be custom made to suit your needs and tastes, with sliding doors, roller doors, lean-to’s, and open or closed bays.

Cost effectiveness, practicality and durability are also key factors to keep in mind for your farm storage solutions.

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